MyTCC Portal Help

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What is the MyTCC Portal?

The MyTCC Portal is a web page designed to be a single point of entry for many campus resources and services. The Portal is also customizable for each user, which means you can add and remove some content in your portal. Once you log in to the MyTCC Portal you will be presented with Tabs, which you will see across the top of the page. In each of these tabs will be a collection of channels related to the tab, channels are basically miniature web pages in which you view and access information. For example, there is a tab called "Student Services" in this tab are channels that allow you to access My E-Services, Advising, and Registration.

How do I login to the MyTCC Portal?

You login to MyTCC Portal uses your TCC Student username and password. This is the same username and password you may have used before to login to your Student E-Mail. If you do not yet know your TCC Student username and password click here. If you do know it simply type it in the Username and Password fields on the MyTCC login page and click "Login".

What are some useful things I can do in the MyTCC Portal?

What are Channels and Tabs?

Channels and Tabs are what makes up the MyTCC Portal. Tabs are laid out across the top of the Portal. Each Tab is labeled with a category, and if you click on each Tab you will be shown the Channels which it contains. Channels are contained inside Tabs and are basically miniature web pages.

Campus Info, Personal, Student Life and My Groups are Tabs. CNN Education News is a Channel.

How do I use the My E-Services within the Portal to view my transcript, check on financial aid status etc..

Once you have logged into the Portal click on the "Student Services" tab near the top of the web page. This will show you the My E-Services, Advising, and Registration channels. To use the My E-Services channel you must type in your Student SID and PIN the first time you use it. To do this simply type it in the Student ID and Inquiry PIN box and click Login. From now on you will be able to access all the My E-Services without typing your Student ID and PIN again (unless you change it). To use a service simply click on it, a new browser window will appear with the information you request.

Type your Student Id and Inquiry PIN into the My E-Services Channel the first time you login to the Portal.

Can I add or remove channels in the MyTCC Portal?

Yes- on the Personal tab you can add and remove channels as you see fit. To start customizing your Personal tab click on the "Add Content" link near the top of the tab.

Look for these links to Add or Remove Content from your Personal Tab