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Q: How can I check my TCC E-mail?


Click the “Campus E-Mail” button on the main tab of the Portal (under Quick Links). Or you may check it directly by logging in as this address:


Q: How do I forward my mail to another e-mail account?

Note: There is a video here that explains this process step-by-step.

To forward your MyTCC E-Mail to another e-mail account first login to your e-mail via the Campus E-Mail button in the MyTCC Portal. Once inside, click “Options” a little to the left and down from “Sign Out”.

Next, click “Forward your mail using Inbox rules” under “Shortcuts to other things you can do”.

Next you need to make a new Inbox rule, so click the “New..” button.  Make a rule that applies to all messages and under “Do the following:” select “Redirect the message to:”

In the pop-up that appears type the name of your personal e-mail address at the bottom of the window next to “Toà” and hit “OK”

Save the rule and you are done. All your TCC e-mail should be forwarded to the account you entered. Make sure to test it by sending yourself an e-mail at your TCC address.

Q: How do I synchronize my Phone and/or use IMAP to check my Student E-Mail?


There are too many specific phones and e-mail clients to give step by step directions but here is the general procedure. First, set up a new e-mail account on your phone. If your phone has an option to use Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync to synchronize use that option. The server name will be  If your phone does not support Exchange/ActiveSync but does have an option for IMAP e-mail, use that.  The IMAP e-mail server settings follow.

IMAP4 Server:
Server Name:
Port: 993
SSL turned on

Your SMTP/Outgoing Server name will be:
 Port 587
 Encryption method: TLS

Your username will be your MyTCC Portal username with at the end of it. So if your student username is OStudent23501 your username for synchronizing should be

The Password will be the same as your MyTCC Portal password.

Useful links about phone syncing:
Learn about E-Mail on a Mobile Phone
Additional Mobile Phone Support on